Postcards from Tahrir Square

Egyptians, not long ago, were dying for a piece of bread.  Now they sell their souls for a bullet in the head, because the reward is freedom for their fellow Egyptians and the beloved motherland. The bullet may take a life but it will allow change for those who remain. Change, the Egyptians believed, is only through the power they possess; what was taken by force will only be restored by force.  They lost their lives to send a message to tyrants, that the absence of justice will definitely lead to the fall of the most powerful. This is what the martyrs learnt from history books; books that are never taught under unjust systems.Mubarak’s fall was followed by kneeling, tears streaming down faces, utter prostration, thanking the most merciful, and finally celebrations. My heart beat rapidly, I went out into the streets of my quiet neighborhood and found the light prevailing in the horizons.I wish with all my heart that this will be the last revolution in Egypt. Tyrants come to power because they are part of a tyranny, which exists already in the community. They will never prevail when the public is attentive and responsible. There will be no revolutions any longer if justice reigns. Positive change will only be achieved through a moral ground, aiming at the prosperity of humanity, exactly as the revolutionaries did in Tahrir Square.
by Karim Khashaba Al Andalusi