Quarantine Circus


  • New York TimesThe Circus Came to Town, Then it Couldn’t Leave



The Rony Roller Circus opened for one week before being shut down by the Coronavirus and forced into quarantine on a field in a town on the Eastern outskirts of Rome. Life pauses in a place accustomed to never stopping; the bar is shuttered,and animals roam their cages, waiting for the crowd. A wooden elephant on a cart lays still among stacked bleachers; the real elephants remained stuck in Hungary. Children labor over online classes in their trailers, squinting attentively at cell phones and tablets while, the aerial hoop offers an escape through splits, twists,and pointed toes. The circus exists as a microcosm, while most of the world has walled itself off in apartments and houses, the Rony Roller Circus is a community on lockdown.

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